How Does it work for the AAAVAPE Affiliate Program?

How Does it work for the  AAAVAPE Affilicate Program? 

1. Reigster your email with AAAVAPE Affilicate Program.

2. Open the reigster page of AAAVAPE AFFILICATE


3.  You will got the confirmed informationa with from your register email:


4. Your will got the  link with your  affiliate panel style as below:


5. Copy it to your browser and login it with you own email and password:

aaavape affilicate programe

6. You will get the referral link, for example :

This referral link will be your unique link and you can add it to your social media like instagram, facebook or article.

 aaavape affilicate program

7. QR code, Affilicate Rate And Setting:


You can download your unique QR code and edit  your unique referral link.


8. Edit your referral link from link generator:

 aaavape link generator

 9. Choose the product which you want to promotion.

 You will find the section "Banner" and choose the product which you want to promote:

aaavape affilicate program

9. Download The Pciture And Get Html Code: 

aaavape affilicate program

10. Generate HTML code 

Click the button-"Get Html Code" and click the button "Generate", and you will 

get the html code; 


 You can choose the product which you want and add the related refreral link, QR code, html code.

11. Example: I want to promote the product: Matrix 40w

Copy the link:

aaavape affilicate program

Copy the link and paste it to the "Link generator" section: 

aaavape affilicate program

Click the Generate: 

aaavape affilicate program

You will get the Affiliated Link:

Which will be the referal link and use as the redirect link for facebook, istagram, twitter link.


You will get the html code: 

<a href="" rel="nofollow">Click here</a>

you can add the code to your webiste or blog.


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