About US


AAAVape or say Triple-A vape was started its vape journey 10 years ago, which is the combination of Core R&D development and service spirits.

Unlike most vape company focused on brand marketing, AAAVape pays more attention to coil technology. About Five years ago, The Leader of AAAvape started the tough work for high-density organic cotton material, after thousands of failure AAAVape acquired its own Ccoil Technology.

Ccoil Technology: We put it into all our mods, kits, and tanks; compared to the competitor of Markets; The reusable times of our refillable pods can be up to 15times for SaltNic and cbd oil in the lab testing. We believe high-quality cotton will acquire much better flavors and healthy life during vape life.


               > “A” Quest for the best;

               > ”A” reliable friend;

               >”A” enjoyment for senses; As time goes by, the element of AAAVape got much more service spirits. Our Leader of sales team had been working in the International Tobacco company and responsible for the key ODM project. AAAVape started from perfect peruse of Ccoil technology also added the professional service spirits. That’s why we got so many high reputations from the business partner. even from competitors. We move slow but the footstep is strong; We believe the “longest distance” is the fastest way to acquire success. Now, we have the product line as below:

>Starter Kit;

>Vape Pen Kit;

>Mesh Coil Tank

>Disposable Service: OEM&ODM. AAAVape, 3A Life!